What will CBD help with? Will I fail a drug test? CBD is hitting the market with a bang!
You can get in a variety of forms; spray, drops, gummies, pills…the list goes on and on with just
as many flavors. You can find it at your local chiropractor, dentist, health food store and even
the fair. But what is it?? Well… let’s learn more about it.

First, CBD is not a cure-all. As a chiropractor, many of my patients have aliments ranging
from low back pain, knee pain, headaches, to Crohn’s disease. Most aliments have a root cause,
with often times it leading to inflammation which causes the pain. Getting rid of inflammation
helps facilitate a speedy recovery, and ultimately prevent further issues. CBD is great for its
anti-inflammation properties without the painful and powerful side affects that pharmaceutical
drugs have. CBD is also a great antioxidant.

I will recommend CBD oil for any inflammation issues such a Crohn’s disease, irritable
bowel syndrome, arthritis or acute or chronic pain issue. I also recommend it for nausea,
anxiety and depression. CBD is not marijuana and you will not get “high”. There is little to no
THC in a quality CBD product. That is also the reason you will not fail a drug test, because they
are testing for THC. When taking CBD, the majority of the time you will not feel anything the
instant you take CBD as it often takes a couple weeks to work. Our bodies’ produce its own
Cannabinoids and we have them throughout our body and have receptors in our body. We have
them both in our brain and our body, which is why it is give you psychoactive effects (brain
receptors) and anti-inflammation effects (body receptors)

Like I said before, when choosing your CDB oil, you want to get it from a quality source.
Some supplements are not regulated and you never know what you are getting. You want to
use a company that is 3 rd part tested. At Henry Chiropractic Center, we use Healthy Hemp. They
have a variety of products and brands, and we carry many other products that we trust, and
have seen results from first-hand.

Personally, I use Re-Live and Plus CBD Oil, which I take sublingually (under the tongue).
Plus CBD oil is oil olive based and come in Golgi Berry, Peppermint, and unflavored. Re-Live is
MCT oil base, again I take this sublingually and we carry watermelon and mint flavors. I use
sublingual because the absorption rate is the best. You put it under your tongue for a minute
then swallow. For those that do not like drop, I also carry vape pen, which “hit” you a little
quicker. If you don’t prefer those options, we also carry CBD in pill form as well!

I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to
call. If you thought this was informative, or would like me to chat about anything else, then
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Dr. Malachi Henry