New Year, New You, Gym Tips

New Year, New You, Gym Tips

We know, we know…. EVERYONE wants to talk about “New Year, New You” the second
the ball drops on New Year’s Day. Everyone is so excited to make a new commitment to
better themselves, by eating better, cutting that nasty habit, or starting to work out like
they said they would all last year. Well, as someone who is obsessed with working out, I
truly can say that it will make you feel better, and improve almost all aspects of your
life. Doubtful? Working out is so hard? Trust me… you just have to get over that “hump”
of hating working out, and you will see for yourself!

The most important thing when going to the gym is to be comfortable and enjoy
yourself! Get comfortable with the equipment that you want to use. Do your research,
either at home on your own and googling which machines help which body part at the
gym, so then when you go use it, cheap Fake ID,you won’t feel as lost. Don’t be afraid to ask a personal
trainer, a friend or someone at the gym for questions of a machine or piece of
equipment. They will honestly rather help you than see you from afar using it
incorrectly, or knowing you might hurt yourself.

If mentally, you struggle with where to begin, try a workout class at the gym, or hire a
personal trainer for a session or two just to get your feet wet. Classes, coaches, and
personal trainers will decrease your risk of injury and will help you feel more
comfortable quicker. They will also help hold you accountable, fake id maker,so you aren’t one of
those people that fall off after the first month of the new year. Go to the gym with a
plan. Get an idea of what you want to do. Whether that be a workout class, cardio
workout, or a power lift…. go in with an idea and execute your plan!

Where to Begin

When you do join a gym, or start your workout journey, it is all about baby steps. Start
off going 2-3 times a week, then increase to 4. Slowly build yourself up, do not burn
yourself out. If you don’t feel like going to the gym that day, and it will stress your
schedule out more, or make you really sad and upset, then don’t go. Take the day off.
But figure out how you will work it in your schedule the next day. Don’t think you can
cheat yourself out of doing that every day… because the only person that you will be
letting down is yourself. 

As a chiropractor, I recommend working out 30 minutes at a time. Whether that be
walking, jogging, lifting or swimming, or whatever exercise or movement keeps you
interested. It is important to gradually increase,Fake IDs, this allows you make it more part of
your lifestyle and make it a lifelong habit. Do not try to lose 30 pounds in a week or
make up for the years that you have not exercised. Keep it easy, simply and fun to start!

Start with a mix of cardio and strength training (lifting). There are many things
integrated into strength training. Activation of muscles, balance and coordination
through different exercises. We are looking to build a healthier you, not a bigger,
stronger, faster you right off the jump. That takes time and dedication. Starting with low
intensity is key. This will help those that have not been working out much with muscle
soreness after the workout and days after. Since you are using muscles and putting
loads on muscles that you haven’t in a while, you are going to be a little sore, but
decreasing the intensity should decrease the soreness.

For those with goals getting bigger, stronger and faster, workouts will be different, and
recovery is key. But for the average person, we are looking at overall HEALTH GAINS
instead of Gainz! Killing yourself and having to miss a couple days because you are to
sore to more will not help as much as consistency will! So start easy, and build your way
to more weight and more intensity.

You Got This!

Everyone starts of not knowing much, but you will learn, and learn quickly of what and
how to do exercises. Again, start off with a class or a personal trainer to give you a base
of exercises so you can formulate a workout plan. Many gyms offer a complimentary
personal trainer session when you sign up for a new membership so please take
advantage of it!!

The biggest thing I can recommend is to enjoy yourself. It really will be miserable if you
hate what you are doing, or at least are not excited to see you reach whatever fitness
goal it is that you have set for yourself. You don’t have to love it right at the start, but
you should get excited knowing that if you get past the awful hump of the time
commitment, the soreness, and the torture, that you will be more
toned/stronger/faster… whatever it is that you want to be! Set achievable goals and
strive to make yourself a stronger and healthier you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call, message us or stop
in. As I said, I am obsessed with fitness, so I would love to help you reach your goals, and
help you find what works for you as well.

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Dr. Malachi Henry