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Nutrition Tips

Many people want to diet, yoyo with weight and struggle with food. Food is not the enemy. You just have to learn a couple trick that can really help you with the daunting food challenge. Here is personally what I suggest as you conquer that New Year diet:

1. DON’T cut out food groups – Eliminating something will often making you crave if more and when you do have it eat more than normal, treat yourself every once in awhile!

2. Eat real foods – The best advice to eat real foods, cook for yourself or find a restaurant or meal prep service that does not add a bunch of stuff to your food.

3. Learn how to read the label – When you are in a crunch, best fake id,learn how to read food labels so when you are at the gas station or airport you can make “healthier” decisions.

4. DRINK H20 – It is very easy to get, easy to carry, and inexpensive. I recommend carrying a water bottle all the time and having water close so you do not reach for a coke of sugary drink. For those trying to lose weight and I recommend 100oz of water a day as it can help curve hunger!

5. EAT YO GREENS – Leafy greens are full of all good stuff: fiber, antioxidants and nutrients!

6. When the belly RUMBLES = Listen  – If you are starving, getting nausea, angry,fake id, or weak EAT, do not starve yourself as this will decrease your metabolism and will make you make poor decisions when food is around!

7. Supplement – I recommend taking a multivitamin, Omega-3, magnesium, and Vit-D. These will help with your overall health but if you are deficient in other things be sure to get that checked out and supplement appropriately.

8. Veggies – Suck it up and eat a balanced meal! There have great health benefits with antioxidants and quality fiber just scratching the surface!

9. Eat your Wheaties! – Be sure to eat breakfast if you are not fasting. You want a balanced breakfast consisting of protein, fiber (if not working out), fat and complex carbs to get your metabolism fired up for the day. If you are working out shortly after your breakfast, try to keep the fiber to a minimum.

10. Alcohol – Alcohol is not going to ruin your dreams or completely derail you from your goals. The key is moderation. When you do decided to drink, keep an eye on the number of drinks and reach for a low sugar alcoholic beverage. Instead of getting a sweet cocktail, get it on the rocks with added soda water and mint and lime to sweeten it up without the added sugar that cola or mixes add!

11. Learn to Cook – Plan out your weekly diners, make leftovers, fake id texas,and learn what you can make that satisfies your cravings. Try and stay away from the lazy drive through, which has choices that are not what you or your body wants. Life happens and if you are in a rush, choose a fast food with healthy options, in Columbus I recommend Tropical Smoothie or Be Fit Meals as a healthier quick alternative.

12. Weight lose Programs – If you do decide to get help for your weight lose journey, don’t rely on Supplements that some companies make you spend hundreds of dollars to get. It is all about diet! Most people can lose an extraordinary amount of weight with only diet and adding a little exercise can speed up the journey.

13. Snack – stabilizes your blood sugar, if keeps you from eating junk food such as cookie and chips, snack with an apple, or your favorite fruit.

14. Cup of Joe – If you’re a coffee drinker, drink it up, lets just leave out the sugar and crème! Opt for Black or Natural sweetener instead of Sugar.

15. Don’t Overthink Eating – Keep is simple, have a piece of protein, a veggie, and a carb! Make more than you will eat so you have leftovers, so you don’t have to think about it tomorrow, or get sucked in by the fast food trap!

16. Be Natural – Avoid those fake sugars, if you need a something sweet, stay tuned for an upcoming blog about artificial sweeteners and which ones are best!

17. Turn Down the Noise – Shut everything off when you eat, enjoy your food, enjoy the people you are with – phones now can be programed for do not disturbed times! Set them for your normal dinner times so you enjoy you are forced to be in the moment!

18. Eat a carb – Carbs are not the devil, your body needs them, try to keep the carbs from added sugars bad. Unless you are trying to go Keto, carbs are not the problem, focus on portion control and eating whole foods, which might have some carbs!

19. Move! – Burn what you eat! go for a walk, get active or learn an exercise routine that you enjoy and can stick to! Keep the body moving and your metabolism active, when you move you burn the calories you eat!

Need more of a structure? Someone to hold you accountable? We are here for those that are looking for a weight loss program, we offer a chiropractic supervised diet, which we have seem great results with, but is not for everybody. If you would like more info on that please contact Henry Chiropractor Center, 812-375-4091. For those that need and want a few tips, LETS GO!